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Our OMAX Waterjets:
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80160 model

Our 80160 waterjet


55100 model

Our 55100 waterjet
Our til-a-jet

With Tilt-a-jet, programmable Z-axis, regular, macro, and h2o-only nozzles.

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Rocky Mountain Waterjet and Laser

We offer a premier full-service source for precision waterjet machining and fabrication, as well as lasering.

Our 20,000 sq. ft. facility enables us to provide service to a variety of industries, companies, municipalities and individuals; from concept to finished product, from prototype to full production quantities.

400 Watt Kern laser

Our laser

We proudly use the latest technology, equipment, and software to process difficult-to-machine parts. In doing so, we offer a machining alternative to making things that increases production quality while reducing costs.


Whether we make foam dolphins for children's water festivals, packing glands for the oil industry, electrical control panels, jewelry cabs, spurs, horse bits, or metal art ... we can take your idea to a finished product.

Various Industries, Machine Shops, Manufactures, Municipalities, Universities, Professional Sports Teams, Hospitals, Resorts, Various Artists, Home Owners,and many more.

Rocky Mountain Waterjet The OMAX trademarkis proud to exclusively use OMAX waterjet machine centers.

As a company, our pride and strength is the ability to work with our customers. We can discuss the project, specific requirements, expectations, budget, etc., and then find solutions to their design problems, turning their ideas into a finished product. In fact, we frequently take in difficult-to-process jobs that were rejected by other shops. On top of that, we are not picky about the format our designs are given in; we are willing to work from almost anything! Also, we are pleased to provide references upon request.

This flexibility allows our customers to let their imaginations run wild, not having to fret so much over the technical aspects of their product. As such, it is only fitting that our company mantra is:

Imagine ... We'll cut it

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We will not process
pirated artwork!

Address: 2218 4th Ave. Greeley, Colorado 80631
Phone: (970)395-1010 Fax: (970)395-9804
e-mail: info@rockymountainwaterjet.com

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